pymaid.delete_nodes(node_ids, node_type, no_prompt=False, remote_instance=None)[source]

Delete given nodes or connectors.

Due to the way CATMAID’s node deletion API works, this function is not suited for deleting directly linked nodes (e.g. A->B->C). For this to work, you will have to call this function in a for loop!


Use this with EXTREME caution as this is irreversible!

  • node_ids – Single or list of node or connector IDs. Must not be a mix of connectors and nodes.

  • node_type ('NODE' | 'CONNECTOR') – Set which type of node you want to delete as they use different API endpoints!

  • no_prompt (bool, optional) – By default, you will be prompted to confirm before deleting the node(s). Set this to True to skip that step.

  • remote_instance (CatmaidInstance, optional) – If not passed directly, will try using global.

Return type

server response

See also


Use to delete entire neurons.


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