pymaid.get_nth_partners(x, n_circles=1, min_pre=2, min_post=2, remote_instance=None)[source]

Retrieve Nth partners.

Partners that are directly (n_circles = 1) or via N “hops” (n_circles>1) connected to a set of seed neurons.

  • x

    Seed neurons for which to retrieve partners. Can be:

    1. list of skeleton ID(s) (int or str)

    2. list of neuron name(s) (str, exact match)

    3. an annotation: e.g. ‘annotation:PN right’

    4. CatmaidNeuron or CatmaidNeuronList object

  • n_circles (int, optional) – Number of circles around your seed neurons.

  • min_pre/min_post (int, optional) – Synapse threshold. Set to -1 to not get any pre-/post synaptic partners.

  • remote_instance (CatmaidInstance, optional) – If not passed directly, will try using global.


DataFrame each row represents a partner:

  neuron_name   skeleton_id
0   name1           123
1   name2           456
2   ...             ...

Return type