pymaid.join_skeletons(x, winner=None, no_prompt=False, method='LEAFS', remote_instance=None)[source]

Join multiple skeletons by minimizing the length of the newly added edges (minimum spanning tree).

  • x (CatmaidNeuronList) – Skeletons to join.

  • winner (CatmaidNeuron | skeleton ID, optional) – Winning skeleton that gets to keep its skeleton ID. If not provided, will use the largest fragment.

  • method ('LEAFS' | 'ALL'', optional) –

    Set stitching method:
    1. ’LEAFS’: Only leaf (including root) nodes will be allowed to make new edges.

    2. ’ALL’: All nodes are considered.

  • no_prompt (bool, optional) – If True, will NOT prompt before joining.

  • remote_instance (CatmaidInstance, optional) – If not passed directly, will try using global.

Return type

Server response

See also


If you know exactly which nodes to join.